AI Content Detector: AI Checker for ChatGPT, Claude & Gemini

Our AI Content Detector helps you determine if text was written by a human or generated by AI, including ChatGPT. It identifies AI generated, paraphrased, and human-written content accurately.

Why choose Decopy AI Content Detector?

AI Content Highlighting

Visually indicates each AI-generated sentence and displays the percentage of AI content.

Superior Detection Accuracy

Built for exceptional precision, our tool effectively detects AI-generated text.

User-Friendly Interface

Crafted for simplicity, our interface provides a smooth and easy user experience.

Free AI Detection

Conduct AI content checks for free to ensure your work is genuine.

Instant Access, No Sign-Up

Immediately start detecting AI content without the need for an account.

Guaranteed Privacy

Your submissions remain confidential; we do not store or share any data.

What can you do with AI Detector?

Academic Integrity

Detect and prevent AI-generated in student submissions.

Content Creation

Ensure originality in articles, blogs and other materials.


Verify the authenticity of news articles and reports.


Maintain high standards in book and article submissions.


Ensure unique content for better search engine rankings.

Social Media

Detect unreliable information on social platforms.

Legal Documents

Verify the originality of legal briefs and documents.

Corporate Training

Ensure training materials are original and high-quality.

How to use AI Content Detector?

Paste Your Text

Paste the text you want to analyze.

Click Detect Text

Click the 'Detect Text' button to start the detection process.

Review Results

The tool will highlight sections identified as AI-generated.

FAQ About AI Content Detector

Got any question about AI Content Detector? We've got answers.

An AI Content Detector is a tool that identifies whether text has been generated by an AI. It is also called chat gpt detector or chatgpt checker.
It uses advanced AI checker to analyze text patterns and compare them with known AI-generated content. There are many AI detectors such as zerogpt and gptzero.
Yes, it provides a confidence score indicating the likelihood of the text being AI-generated.
It can detect most AI-generated text, but continuous updates are made to improve detection capabilities.
Yes, all data uploaded is processed securely and deleted after analysis.
Yes, our AI detector supports multiple languages.
Yes, our AI text detector is free to use.

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